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A digital learning world for continuous qualification in the automotive industry

The Continental Corporation is a leading global automotive supplier that develops pioneering technologies and services for the sustainable and connected mobility of people and goods. Founded in 1871 as a manufacturer of tires and rubberized materials, the company is headquartered in Hanover, Germany.

In the Aftermarket & Services division, Continental impresses with a broad portfolio, the right technology, the top quality of an original equipment manufacturer and services that provide real added value. In order to remain competitive in this sector, the qualification of workshop partners is an important success factor.


Staying competitive in the automotive industry

Partners, wholesalers and employees of Continental Aftermarket & Services’ authorized workshops are experts in vehicle technology and mobility and provide their partners with advice and support.

Continental relies on continuous qualification and training to strengthen its partner workshops in competition. The constantly evolving technical content of the automotive industry also requires a high level of quality and training.

With the help of hiveQ, the Learning Management System (LMS) from IM|S, employees were introduced to e-learning and a digital learning environment was created. Classroom training courses, which provide relevant information about brakes for everyone from beginners to experts, are linked to the e-learning offer and can be booked via the platform.


Time and location-independent qualification for customers and partners

Screenshot from the Object-Based-Learning module

The LMS hiveQ fulfills the desire for online training for customers and partners that can be carried out at any time and from any location. The expert knowledge of the Continental IAM TrainingCenter meets the didactic and media experience of IM|S.

The online portal moreContinental is a qualification platform that enables various training approaches: learning on demand, face-to-face events, classic e-learning via online training and remote training in the virtual classroom.

With the help of learning cards and short online training courses, the basics of brakes are taught visually so that every target group can achieve sustainable learning results.

For a detailed learning experience, learners benefit from object-based learning (OBL). With regard to customer and partner training, object-based learning modules offer the advantage of interactive, practice-oriented training and enable complex content to be taught effectively – without having the object itself in front of their eyes.

In an OBL course on the electric parking brake, moreContinental’s trainees gain a detailed insight into the structure of the object, learn more about its installation and find out interesting facts about components that would otherwise remain hidden.


With know-how and training for a mobile future

Screenshot from the online training

moreContinental has helped to ensure that workshop employees can refresh their knowledge quickly and easily and continuously expand their knowledge.

With the option of booking online training courses yourself or through a sales representative, digital learning can be facilitated and relevant training content made available: so there is something suitable for every target group!

The digital learning world of moreContinental thus offers various training approaches to meet the requirements of the constantly evolving technical content of the automotive industry.

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