The optimal software solution
for all company sizes

The IM|S Learning Management System adapts to individual needs.

Corporate Design

The user interface can be adapted to the corporate design

Over 30 languages make learning accessible for users worldwide
Content is available offline with apps
Individual integration into the existing infrastructure
Self-Service for Trainers
Support in administration - Trainers have their own area where they can support administration
GDPR compliant
All processes meet the requirements of GDPR
More than 100 automated e-mail processes make everyday administration easier
1000, 5000, 50000 users or even more – Classroom Manager scales based on the number of your users

Main Modules

Online Trainings

Learn independent

of place and time
Classroom Trainings

Plan and conduct

classroom trainings
Virtual Classroom

Manage meetings and trainings


Blended Learning
With Classroom Manager, various forms of learning can be managed and implemented all in one system.

Individual combination options create varied and well-coordinated learning paths.
Learning for internal and external target groups with Classroom Manager 
Lifelong learning and internal training have long since established themselves as an important success factor in the corporate world. But what about learning for externals? Do your customers and partners already receive appealing learning opportunities?

CRM: Target group-oriented qualification in one platform (summary)

Classroom Manager combines the target group-specific qualification of employees and partners in one platform. This offers you a significant advantage - you maintain an overview of all processes and administrators work in just one system.

At the same time, with the learning management system from IM|S you create acceptance in your company through an easyentry into the learning world. You can successfully integrate blended learning into everyday life and use various self-service functions. Offline learning is possible using native apps for iOS & Android.  Course payment is integrated, furthermore evaluation & analysis tools make everyday work more transparent and help you to automate processes. 

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Customer Relationship Management refers to measures to maintain and improve customer relations. Learning can be an essential success factor here. Sales partners and resellers should always be kept up to date, trained and certified. Often external parties are even dependent on the know-how provided in order to achieve sales targets and improve company results.  

Classroom Manager combines the target group-specific qualification of employees and partners in one platform. This offers you a significant advantage - you maintain an overview of all processes and administrators work in just one system. The precisely adjustable authorisation system always ensures that target groups can only see their specific content.

Establish acceptance by an easy start
Getting started is usually the biggest challenge - a modern design of all pages in your corporate design in Classroom Manager makes learning attractive to your partners. A multi-brand strategy can also be graphically displayed, so that partners move always in their familiar brand environment. And if it's not just about learning, there's also the option of designing individual pages for marketing purposes.

Customers can enter their customer number during registration to log in to the system. The customer number is checked on-the-fly and validated in the CRM system to ensure a quick and smooth access to Classroom Manager. Further possibilities for users to enter the system are: Central registration by an administrator (csv import or manual import), registration by external partners or single sign-on.

The time factor plays an essential role in the acceptance of a learning platform by external parties. Nobody wants to fight their way through long click paths in order to select individual contents from an unsorted pool after lengthy consideration. Classroom Manager offers short click paths and individual dashboards. Target group-specific catalogues, filters and search functions give users guidance when searching a course. The direct assignment of learning units to externals also simplifies the use of the learning management system.

Blended learning integrated into everyday life
The diverse design of Classroom Manager not only refers to the graphic design. Various forms of learning can be made available to customers easily and from a single source. This creates a broad blended learning portfolio in one system:
  • E-learning
  • Event Management
  • Virtual Classroom Training
Creative learning paths from various forms of learning can be extended by approval processes and waiting list functions to create an appealing learning experience.

Self-service functions
Training responsibles from partners are provided with their own area in Classroom Manager. "Company managers" can thus create, update, remove or book users (their employees) to courses. They always have an overview of the course status and course history of their employees and thus help reduce the workload of the main administrators of the Learning Management System.

Offline learning with native apps for iOS & Android
Who does not know it - on the train or plane there is usually a little time left to browse through learning content or get important information ad hoc - but no internet connection is available. Thanks to native apps, offline learning is possible for customers and partners at any time. The learning content loaded into the app can be edited offline and is then synchronised again with Classroom Manager Enterprise when internet is available again.

From simple invoicing to a fully integrated web shop - Classroom Manager provides individual payment solutions for a variety of applications. In its simplest form, invoices can be automatically generated, sent and transferred via an interface. If this is no longer sufficient, the learning management system can be extended to a fully integrated web shop. This allows the training portfolio to be displayed in an international context, including country-specific currencies and taxes. In addition to the classic payment methods, online payment systems such as credit card payment, PayPal or instant bank transfer are also covered. As a full-service provider, IM|S offers the entire range for payment. Just ask us.

Evaluation & Analysis
The most important thing is that the learner likes the learning environment and uses the learning management system regularly. First of all, it does not matter whether the learners are internal or external course participants. Classroom Manager offers various evaluation and analysis options using an integrated survey tool. Only when the course participant is satisfied at the end of the day can one speak of success and a worthwhile investment.

With Classroom Manager, partners and resellers can be easily and efficiently integrated into a holistic learning world. Thanks to its modular structure, you can design the learning management system individually for your company - and scale it up at any time. The wide range of options and the efficient inclusion of external partners strengthen customer relationships and create a sense of mutual respect. 

Inspiring Customer Projects and Use Cases 

References of different industries and company sizes



Knowledge Database & Learning Materials

Workplace-oriented learning: Make knowledge available all year round for specific target groups


- Media library as reference with different media types like videos, PDFs, links and many more


- Recommendations and rating of the media provide other users a better orientation

Evaluation & Surveys

Clear surveys and feedback evaluation


- Happy sheets or free text fields - customizable design options for questionnaires


- Optional or mandatory, global or personal - how you provide content is up to you

Analysis & Reports

Keep track of key figures, results and deadlines

- Classroom Manager delivers clear statistics over any time period: Which courses were frequently booked? Which courses were completed successfully?

- Decision tailored to your needs: Which data do you need? Which data should be reported?


- Automatic generation and dispatch of recurrent reports

Invoices & Payment

From simple invoicing to comlete online shops - everything is possible


- Small-scale solution: Invoices in the corporate design are automatically generated and transferred via an interface


- Large-scale solution: Integration of a fully comprehensive, international online shop with payment functionalities and associated services

Customers & Resellers

Integration of customers in the learning world


- Assigning individual learning content to customers


- Access to additional information


- Self-management options for customers to assist main administrators


- Special functions for sales representatives


- Forms to request trainings

Vocational Training

Whether you're an instructor or a student, keep track of everything in one system


- Individual curriculum: Clear presentation of various training phases


- Instructor Dashboard: Overview of all learning status and project tasks for training stakeholders


- Training framework plan: Built-in training framework plans make it easy to start right away


- Project tasks: Easy submission and control of project tasks


- Report booklets: Digital report booklets can be accessed from any location



Training Management

Core functions – Easy creation and assignment of trainings:

– Whether you create your training from scratch or use individual templates


Booking, email processes and many more can be automated


User Administration
Complete data systems or master data files: All metadata can be administered in Classroom Manager
Roles & Authorizations
From small companies to large corporations – the matrix depicts individual organizational structures
Internal, external or country-specific content - users only see the content they need to see
Rooms & Equipment
Organise the availability of locations, hotels, rooms and equipments - no more conflicts or overbookings

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