High service quality thanks to LMS

Qualification of partner workshops in the automotive sector

HUK-COBURG Autowelt is a subsidiary of HUK-COBURG, the largest motor insurer in Germany with more than 12 million customers.

The aim of HUK-COBURG Autowelt is to offer its customers a one-stop service for all aspects of motoring: the various services AutoService, AutoKauf, AutoVerkauf and AutoAbo are bundled in one place.

The automotive industry is subject to constant change and technological developments. This makes it all the more important to ensure that employees have the necessary knowledge and are adequately trained.


Constant learning process for workshop employees

For partner workshops of HUK-COBURG Autowelt, it is of great importance to fulfill their contractual agreement and, as part of AutoService, to meet the high quality requirements in the area of work processes and communication. Only by meeting these requirements can outstanding customer service be guaranteed and competitiveness maintained.

With the aim of providing workshop employees with a constant learning process, a large number of online training courses have been developed in cooperation with IM|S. These are accessed via Learning HUK Autowelt, the platform based on the Learning Management System (LMS) hiveQ. By accessing these training resources, new techniques are learned, best practices are adopted and innovative approaches are integrated into the work.

This allows continuous learning and improved work processes to take place, making HUK-COBURG Autowelt a strong partner for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.


Learning world with interactive training and learning cards

Big Picture from HUK-COBURG Autoservice

By providing interactive e-learning modules, employees in HUK-COBURG Autowelt’s partner workshops can be trained efficiently and effectively. The central provision of training content enables all employees in the partner workshops to access the same information and best practices. This establishes uniform standards for workshop processes throughout Germany.

Learning HUK Autowelt offers various training formats, including web-based training (WBTs) and learning cards on various workshop processes. These also include making appointments, preparing and carrying out the inspection. They offer an effective way of imparting theoretical knowledge and training practical skills.


Digital and efficient - all important information at a glance

Screenshot from the teaser

With many years of experience in customer and partner training – including in the automotive sector – IM|S is the perfect partner for providing the learning management system. With regular jour fixes and a kick-off workshop on content development and the setup of hiveQ, HUK-COBURG Autowelt benefited from a partnership-based cooperation.

By using Learning HUK Autowelt and the interactive e-learning modules, employees in the partner workshops can expand and improve their knowledge and skills in a targeted manner. This leads to greater efficiency in the workshop processes and contributes to customer satisfaction. By establishing uniform standards and best practices, high quality and professional service is guaranteed in all partner workshops.

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