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Personnel development with didactics and interaction

Interactive online webinars in the automotive industry

As a division of Daimler Truck AG, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has stood for outstanding quality in the truck sector for over 100 years. With around 520,000 trucks sold (2022), Daimler Truck is the world’s largest truck manufacturer.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers the right solution in the light, medium and heavy-duty truck segment for every customer in long-distance, construction site or distribution transport. With innovative ways of thinking – in efficient drives, automated driving or in the area of active and passive safety – Mercedes-Benz Trucks also focuses on innovative employee training.


Interactive training in the field of trucks

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Whether in manufacturing, service or sales, Mercedes-Benz Truck employees are experts in the field of truck vehicle technology.

The company continuously invests in the training and development of its employees to ensure that they have the necessary expertise and skills to deliver top performance in their respective areas.

With didactically prepared and interactive online webinars, this requirement can be met and a sustainable learning process can take place.


Didactic expertise through a trainer guideline

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The IM|S trainer guideline provides comprehensive instructions for Mercedes-Benz Trucks trainers to successfully plan, conduct and follow up webinars. Various topics, including technical innovations, vehicle processes, as well as warranty, goodwill and service contract processing are presented interactively to the participants to keep them up to date with the latest knowledge.

In order to build up a high level of attention from the participants right from the start, a lot of interaction is aimed for during the webinar. For example, participants have the opportunity to pin their location on a map of Germany, use the chat function to be in constant communication with the trainer and solve quizzes to deepen their knowledge and create a lively and varied learning environment.

After the webinar, participants receive the entire presentation as a handout so that they can review the content.


Expansion of didactic methods and skills

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In order to effectively convey the content of the webinar to all participants and successfully implement the methodology, all Mercedes-Benz Trucks trainers present a standardized presentation created by the IM|S experts. This presentation also serves as a tool to prepare for the webinar and to maintain the common thread during the event. The presentation slides are later shared with the participants in the webinar tool to provide them with visual support.

The structure of the webinar is another important element that helps the trainer to keep track of the process and stay on schedule. With the help of this structure, the trainer knows at all times which slide they are currently on, how much time they can plan for it and which methods are associated with it. This enables him to keep to the schedule and ensure that all planned content is covered.

The trainers from Mercedes-Benz Truck were able to effectively expand their skills and methods with the help of the prepared online webinars. Through interactive introductions, well-prepared presentations and a clear structure, they are able to impart valuable knowledge to the participants while maintaining their attention. The customization options in terms of time and content allow trainers to be flexible to the needs of participants and create a successful webinar experience.

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