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DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, Frankfurt am Main, supports the regional cooperative banks as a central bank and central institution. In addition, DZ BANK has other products in its portfolio and also serves as a supra-regional partner for companies and institutions.

  • Industry: Financial sector
  • Customers: Cooperative banks, financial institutions, companies and institutions
  • Locations and representative offices: 18 locations and 6 representative offices
  • Number of employees: Approx. 30,825 worldwide

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Accessible learning and secure handling of embargo regulations

Embargoes and sanctions are frequently used means of international politics, for example to sanction human rights violations by states. All DZ BANK employees must know which financial transactions are possible in these cases and which transactions may not be carried out under any circumstances, and they must complete mandatory training on this subject. To ensure that all employees really have access to this central information, one of DZ BANK's requirements was that the online training on this topic must be designed to be barrier-free. 

In our collaboration, we therefore extended the functions of our authoring tools, the Content Builder, so that both visually impaired and hearing-impaired learners can learn without restrictions.

In addition to technical accessibility, it was particularly important to us in the didactic concept that this mandatory topic be conveyed in an exciting and lively manner. With storytelling and examples of a fictional country, the training is long-lasting and easy to understand.

Our authoring tool for creating online training:

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