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OCULUS Optics Devices GmbH

OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH is a globally active company in the ophthalmic diagnostics sector and is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany.

  • Industries: Medical technology, precision mechanics, optics, watches
  • Customers: Ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and occupational physicians
  • Service and sales: 12 company-owned subsidiaries and more than 200 distributors in over 80 countries
  • Number of employees: 400 employees at headquarters

Online Trainings  |  Classroom Manager

Product training: Anytime, anywhere

As a global company, OCULUS wants to professionally qualify its more than 200 dealers in over 80 countries and provide them with the necessary know-how at the right time.

OCULUS achieves this with the Classroom Manager Enterprise. The platform presents itself in the design of OCULUS and provides target group specific online trainings independent of time and location. For example, dealers can deepen their knowledge in video tutorials with step-by-step instructions or interactive web-based training. Many of the trainings also serve as ideal preparation for on-site trainings, which can also be viewed and booked via Classroom Manager Enterprise.

In addition, OCULUS can also offer paid training courses on the platform and conveniently handle the payment process in one system.

Our learning management system for all company sizes:

Online Content  |  Content Builder

Online content: Entertaining and interactive thanks to didactic reduction

How can complex content be conveyed in an entertaining and interactive way without losing its grip? With the help of didactic reduction and the many years of experience of IM|S AG in the creation of e-learning. 

The joint pilot project focusses on learning by doing: OCULUS closely follows the creation of digital learning media by IM|S and thus to learn what how to later create digital learning media themselves. Thus, OCULUS will in the future prepare further information and knowledge for creating appealing online trainings with the help of our authoring tool, the Content Builder.

It is important for the responsible persons and users that the online trainings are designed in an entertaining and interesting way. For this reason, interactive elements, film sequences and learning checks, e.g. multiple-choice tasks, are part of every online training course.

Our authoring tool for creating online trainings:

Consulting  |  Going-Live Services

Going-Live Services – Successfully launching e-learning

Going digital, getting started quickly and successfully launching e-learning – OCULUS is familiar with this challenge all too well. Therefore we, IM|S AG, support OCULUS with our Going-Live Services. The services start from scratch from the appropriate strategy to the implementation of an LMS to the support in the creation of digital content, such as web-based trainings. 

The services are precisely tailored to OCULUS. In needs-based consulting workshops, OCULUS is taught tips and tricks for content delivery in e-learning, the basics of using our authoring tool, Content Builder, and how to work with the LMS, Classroom Manager. Various coaching phases also enable targeted knowledge transfer for independent content creation and provide a platform for answering didactic or technical questions.
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