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With individual learning content from IM|S, you train your target group in a flexible & targeted manner.

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The right medium for every target group

Web Based Training

Interactive training for sustainable learning success.

Object Based Learning

Learn on the device – without device.

Mixed Reality

Virtual content merges with reality.

Are you interested in a different learning medium?

Web Based Trainings from IM|S: interactive & effective

Effective web-based training? The IM|S team makes it possible. We combine software development, didactics & media production under one roof. Hand in hand we develop the optimal media mix for you.

Individual look & feel

Adapted to your CI – the employees can identify with a learning world familiar to them from their everyday work environment.

Creative content

Simple learning cards or complex simulations – we define for each project individually the content’s depth, scope and degree of complexity.

Diverse methods

Different types of tasks and interactions help transfer knowledge so that learners have it at hand later.

Mobile use

Also available on mobile end devices, web-based trainings can be followed everywhere.

Intuitive operation

Simple navigation allows learners to move through the content independently and at their own pace.

Easy integration

The SCORM standard enables easy integration into a wide range of learning environment.

Object-based learning makes learning hands-on in the truest sense of the word

Object Based Learning integrated in hiveQ offers companies the opportunity to create innovative learning concepts.

Anywhere – anytime

Object-based learning enables haptic learning, even if a device is not available on site for cost or logistics reasons.

Diverse applications

Object-based learnings are not only suitable for classroom trainings, but can also be used as elearning, reference or for support.

Mobile use

Thanks to mobile end devices, WBT’s are flexibly available in the office or on the go.

Grasp the content at a glance

Object-based learning uses one single, self-explanatory touch screen. The user can explore the content at his own learning pace.

Mixed Reality integrated into hiveQ offers companies the opportunity to design innovative learning solutions

Real-life industrial projects have shown: The use of Mixed Reality creates a modern learning environment and efficient performance support.

Individual access

Individual access to the Learning Management System with Mixed Reality glasses.


Administration and targeted provision of 3D content for the projects.


Ideal integration into innovative blended learning scenarios.