Silhouette International Schmied AG

3D online training for opticians

Drilling and fitting rimless glasses

Silhouette International Schmied AG is an Austrian company specializing in the design, production and distribution of spectacle frames and sunglasses. Founded in 1964, the family business has been a full-service provider for lenses and frames since 2017. The company is headquartered in Linz and has branches throughout Europe as well as in Hong Kong, the USA and Dubai.

The company is characterized by the highest precision, uncompromising quality and passionate craftsmanship. In order to guarantee this, training of the opticians is essential.


Elaborate craftsmanship in eyewear production

Screenshot from the Silhouette Online Training

From rimless glasses to half and full rim glasses to sunglasses for UV protection – Silhouette stands for high-quality premium eyewear.

At Silhouette, lenses and frames are developed, manufactured and carefully assembled to create unique masterpieces. Eyewear manufacturing is a specialized field that requires opticians to have technical expertise and precise manufacturing techniques. Especially in the field of rimless eyewear, the assembly requires precise craftsmanship to avoid any damage.

Opticians working with Silhouette products can be effectively trained in this area through visual online training. The training provides them with the necessary knowledge to carry out this precise work.


Precise step-by-step instructions for drilling and installation

Screenshot from the Silhouette Online Training

The interactive online training includes step-by-step instructions for drilling the lenses and fitting them to the frame. This enables opticians to drill the holes in the right place and at the right angle.

A key element of this training is the high-precision 3D illustrations, which were specially developed by IM|S on the basis of customer specifications. The created representations are precisely integrated into the training.

The ability to view translucent objects in the 3D images gives the opticians an optimal insight into the individual steps of the instructions. The visual preparation makes it much easier to understand the individual steps and minimizes the risk of errors that could affect the quality of the glasses.


Expertise in didactics and 3D modeling

Screenshot from the Silhouette Online Training

The approximately 20-minute online training course concludes with a quiz that tests the opticians’ newly acquired knowledge. This approach ensures long-term learning success and sustainable implementation of the skills learned in everyday working life.

The interactive training for Silhouette opticians is therefore essential to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to produce the high-quality rimless eyewear.

With the combination of didactic preparation and expertise in 3D modeling, IM|S was the perfect partner for the preparation of the web-based training courses (WBTs).

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