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Object-Based learning created by IM|S for Viessmann GmbH & Co. KG

The global family-owned company Viessmann has been in existence since 1917. The heating technology specialist is headquartered in Allendorf (Eder), Germany.


  • Industry: Heating technology (air conditioning, cooling and industrial solutions)
  • Production facilities: 22 production companies in twelve countries
  • Service and sales: 68 sales companies in 31 countries and 120 sales offices worldwide
  • Number of employees: Approx. 12,300 worldwide

Use Case: Online Training and Object-Based Learning | Tool: Content Builder

Innovative products in an innovative format

Viessmann describes its Vitovalor PT2 fuel cell heating system as an “innovative alternative for decentralized power generation”. The unit generates heat and electricity at the same time. And Viessmann has even been awarded various prizes for this environmentally friendly energy output.

With such an innovative product, the training should also be inspiring. Moreover, the still relatively new technology of the fuel cell is not yet common to all heating contractors and sales partners. We have therefore designed and implemented various training elements in a joint lighthouse project.

For the learner, the learning journey starts with a display or a teaser that arouses his or her curiosity about the training. If they decide to take part, they can use a visually and content-wise stimulating online training to learn everything important about the Vitovalor PT2.

The online training is supplemented by an object-based learning module. Here, the object is the focus of learning – instead of providing step-by-step explanations to the learner, he can manipulate the 3D replica of the Vitovalor PT2 himself and view it from all directions. The learner can trigger various functions, for example to see the inside of the heater in cross-section or to follow the flow of natural gas through the reformer.

Object-based learning becomes very practical with various tasks in which learners can check their level of knowledge and with step-by-step instructions for maintenance.

Finally, Viessmann supplements these online elements with classroom training in which learners work on the device itself. This means that learners are fully prepared for their first customers.

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