Personal development

Efficient learning for your company

Whether powerful software, breathtaking learning media, or proven ready-to-use training packages – IM|S is the strong partner at your side!

Optimize your employees’ learning processes effortlessly and in a targeted manner, thus ensuring your company’s success in the long term.

These companies rely on IM|S solutions



Organize your learning content and staff more efficiently than ever, and create automated reports and documentation. Create unique learning worlds with your look and feel. Take your employee training to the next level with hiveQ.


Learning media

Let our experienced creative team create your learning media. Look forward to 3D media, virtual reality, 360° applications, WBT, and more!



Whether consulting, coaching, enabling, learning media creation, or expert services, IM|S offers you a wide range of support.


The ecosystem for your employee training

The market-leading LMS hiveQ offers you the full spectrum of learning formats.

  • Seamless integration into your existing ERP system.
  • Online, virtual, or on-site, organize your training offering or even a knowledge library with 24/7 knowledge on-demand efficiently in one place.
  • Assign the relevant training to each employee.
  • With hiveQ, localizing your training has never been easier. Over 45 user languages and further individualization options are available for this purpose.
  • Use your MS Teams for internal webinars. Thanks to the hiveQ MS Teams interface, you can manage your MS Teams webinar completely via hiveQ.
Microsoft Teams Integration

Webinars via Microsoft Teams

Use MS Teams for internal webinars and experience how the hiveQ MS Teams interface takes your webinar management to a new level.

Manage your MS Teams webinars quickly and seamlessly through hiveQ.

With hiveQ, webinar management becomes easy, efficient, and completely stress-free!

Ready-to-use Leadership Training

Develop the talents of your leaders

Support your leaders’ development with our high-quality leadership training, including practical transfer and evaluation analysis!

Develop the talents of your employees and promote employee retention and engagement in the workplace.

Employees who feel valued and supported are not only happier and more productive, but they are also the best advertisement for your company.

Invest in your leaders, develop your team, and strengthen your company.

„In my opinion, all essential aspects of the initial phase of a leader have been addressed and illuminated. The content is understandable, attractively designed, and interactive.

Regular repetitions were also included so that the acquired knowledge sticks.“

Jamila Mezni,
Valora Schweiz AG

Ready-to-use Softskill training

Develop your sales team effectively

Strategic and well-thought-out employee development is the key to a company’s long-term success.

With our proven didactic concept and powerful online training, you can improve the persuasiveness of your sales force.

Our training program combines compact content with practically applicable tools, practical transfer, and final transfer evaluation.

Create compelling and targeted employee development for sustainable business success!

Change Management

Customized training strategies for successful transformations

The success of modifications is crucially dependent on employee learning.

Make change processes in your company as smooth as possible and actively support your employees in this process.

Our consultants and project teams will happily accompany you through your change process nationally and internationally.

LTI interface

Easy integration of external content

Extend your hiveQ ecosystem with external learning content!

Seamlessly integrate market-leading learning materials for your subject matter into your hiveQ ecosystem.

Our LTI interface makes integrating other content effortless.

We would happily work with your Subject Matter Experts to create customized subject matter training for your specific use case.

hiveQ – for a customized and powerful learning environment!

Product and technology training

The core of your company

Basic technical knowledge and your products form the core of your business.

For this reason, effective training of new employees in these areas is crucial to your company’s success.

Together with you, we create professionally structured and didactically well-thought-out training courses specifically tailored to your know-how.

Software and process training

Increase efficiency

Any process or software can only develop its full potential if adequately understood and applied.

We are happy to create individual knowledge modules for you to optimize the process performance of your employees.

Create tangible added value for your employees

With IM|S at your side, you have all the tools to create learning worlds for your employees that will inspire them. Our experts support you with professionally created learning media, the market-leading LMS hiveQ, and services tailored to your needs. Noticeably increase employee satisfaction and productivity and ensure sustainable growth for your company.

Would you like to know how? We will be happy to advise you personally.


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