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The Instagram for training - Social Learning

Bring social learning to life with topic-specific channels and increased user interaction

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Turn learning into an experience

Inspire with topic-specific channels such as onboarding, executive coaching and sales updates. Let your employees, customers and partners constantly discover new, exciting content.

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Discover new things

Discover news and content that matches your interests. Like, comment or share what moves you.

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Practical features for easy administration

With hiveQ Streams, you can create a living and inspiring learning culture. Easily create different channels and share new content with ease. For example, use an onboarding channel to share information and news with new colleagues or a partner channel to inform your partners about the latest product updates. Create enthusiasm through informal social interactions – the power of social learning.

Plan contributions

Create posts at any time and schedule when they will be posted on the learning platform. For example, you can combine the publication of new courses or seminars with an exciting post.


Determine who can see posts or channels. Create regional, user group-based or completely individual channels. Create fascinating posts on personnel development and training for your employees as well as impressive content for customers and partners.

Share videos, pictures & trainings

Convincing diversity

Share interesting pictures, exciting videos or entire training courses with your users. They will be automatically informed about new posts and will never miss any new content.


Increase interaction with users

Build a strong learning community. Users can like posts, exchange ideas with other learners in the comments and thus achieve their learning goals together.

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We would be happy to guide you through this feature in a personal live demo.


Albert Bandura laid the foundations for our understanding of social learning in the 1960s. He emphasized the following points: learning through observation, the role of models, self-efficacy, cognitive processes, reciprocal determinism, reinforcement and punishment. Read more about this in our blog.

Your customers as well as your partners will feel comfortable with you if they feel looked after and noticed. The social context also plays a major role here. With streams, you can easily provide your customers and/or partners with updates, news from the market or completely different topics relating to your products. This makes them feel that they are being picked up and always well informed.

You want to get away from complex and confusing processes. Streams also helps you with this, use AI•bee, to create small training courses, link skills and share them directly via Streams. Provide them with information, hints and tips via the various phases and inspire new colleagues. Read more about ideal onboarding in our blog.

Yes, Streams is part of hiveQ and is therefore available to all users. These can be employees as well as external customers or partners.

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