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Big Picture

Designing attractive learning paths

Develop inspiring learning paths that increase employee engagement. Use hiveQ’s Big Picture feature to take your learning paths to another level visually. Immerse your users in the training scenario and motivate them to learn. You can now even create Big Pictures for your e-learning and training at course level.


Easy Competence Management

Enable managers and HR managers to oversee and develop the skills of their teams with intuitive tools. With hiveQ, you can do all of this directly on one platform. You can easily manage and optimize all the skills, training and qualifications of your employees without any further administrative effort. Whether internal or external, hiveQ offers you the flexibility to create and maintain different skills profiles so that you can maintain a long-term overview and provide targeted support.


Live social learning

Promote a culture of development and collaboration through interaction. Inspire with topic-specific channels such as onboarding, management coaching and sales updates. Let your employees constantly discover new and exciting content.


Directly in hiveQ

Use artificial intelligence to create high-quality employee training and content quickly and efficiently. AI-bee is your co-pilot in fast course creation. Use the constantly growing number of AI features to increase your productivity and create content even faster.

Revolutionize your training too

hiveQ: Your modern LMS for employee training.


Your platform for everything

Build your perfect hive


Support the professional development of your employees.

Vocational training

Inspire your trainees with modern and digital vocational training.

Compliance Trainings

Ensure that all mandatory training courses are completed with minimal effort.

And much more...

Benefit from a flexible platform and build your own individual hive.

“With the help of hiveQ, we were finally able to digitize our entire training organization and even optimally map our existing approval processes.

With regard to our feedback processes, hiveQ also supports us with the “transfer evaluation” feature, which enables a multi-level and personalized evaluation from the employee and supervisor perspective.”

Karin Schwarzenberger
technotrans SE

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