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Training overview

Various courses for your employees

Course 1

Occupational safety in the office

Protect your employees from workplace hazards and health hazards.

  • Basics of occupational safety
  • Duties of employees
  • Optimal design of the workplace
  • Accidents at work and on the way
  • Stress and its consequences
  • Dealing with mobbing
  • Behavior in emergencies

Course 2

Occupational safety in management

Instruct employees in management positions precisely and comprehensively on occupational health and safety.

  • Protecting employees: Duties of managers
  • Legal framework of occupational health and safety
  • Assessing working conditions
  • Involving and qualifying employees
  • Planning and implementing occupational safety
  • Organize emergency measures
  • Behavior in emergencies

Course 3

Occupational safety in production

Ensure the protection of your employees in production facilities and workshops.

  • Working safely in production and logistics
  • Duties of employees
  • Accidents at work and on the way
  • Ladders and steps
  • Lifting tools and cranes
  • Safe handling of machines
  • Working with hazardous substances
  • Behavior in emergencies

“The content is greatly prepared and is conveyed in a varied and playful way through the gamification approach.”

Karin Schwarzenberger, Technotrans SE

Course 4

Occupational safety with forklift trucks

Instruct your employees on the correct and safe use of forklifts.

  • Care and inspection of the forklift
  • Drive types
  • Load center and load capacity
  • Handling loads correctly
  • Driving routes and traffic regulations
  • Knowing risks and avoiding accidents

Course 5


Ensure your employees know, understand, and adhere to compliance policies.

  • Dealing with gifts
  • Information security and confidentiality
  • Statements on the Internet
  • Unequal treatment, discrimination, and harassment
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Data privacy in the office and on the road
  • Reporting breaches

Course 6

General Equal Treatment Act

Instruct your employees on the topics of equality and equal treatment.

Module 1: AGG for employees

  • What is discrimination?
  • Characteristics of discrimination
  • Forms of discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Rights of those affected
  • Recommendations for action in everyday work


Module 2: AGG for managers

  • Basics of the AGG
  • Discrimination in working life
  • Characteristics of discrimination
  • Forms of discrimination
  • Harassment and sexual harassment
  • Obligations of the employer
  • Permissible unequal treatment
  • Job advertisements, interviews, and rejections
  • Consequences of violations
“The content is easy to understand, attractively designed, and interactive. Regular repetitions were also included so that the knowledge acquired really sticks.”

Jamila Mezni, Valora Schweiz AG

Course 7

HACCP hygiene follow-up training

Reliably and efficiently carry out your employees’ legally required hygiene follow-up training by EU Regulation 852/2004.

Module 1:

  • Basics of HACCP
  • Laws of the EU
  • Laws of Switzerland
  • Critical Control Points


Module 2: Important for operation and production

  • Cleaning
  • Risk products
  • Prepacked and openly offered food


Module 3: Allergens

  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Main allergens
  • Allergen management


Module 4: Receiving and storage

  • Storage and control of chilled goods
  • Storage and control of frozen goods
  • Correct handling of store goods


Module 5: Hygiene and cleaning

  • Hygiene in production
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Cleaning plans


Find more information about the HACCP hygiene follow-up training here.

Course 8

Copyright in training

Educate your employees on copyright in training media creation and protect yourself from cease-and-desist letters and copyright lawsuits.

  • Authors and copyright
  • Use of third-party works in training
  • Rights for text, images, graphics, videos, music, scientific illustrations and maps
  • Creative Commons licenses
  • Designing trainings securely in terms of copyright

Course 9

IT Security

Teach employees all the essential basics about IT and information security.

  • Information protection in the office and on the road
  • Secure passwords
  • Secure data exchange
  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • CEO Fraud
  • Social Engineering
  • Behavior in emergencies

“The interactive design and the integrated learning questions promote the sustainability of what is learned. This makes learning fun!”

Karin Schwarzenberger, Technotrans SE

Course 10

Meeting Heroes

Ensure that your organization’s online and in-person training sessions run efficiently, productively, and smoothly.

  • Prepare, run, and follow up on face-to-face meetings
  • Prepare, run, and follow up on online meetings

Course 11

Customs authority: Basic knowledge about customs in the incoming goods department

Ensure that freight is accepted correctly at your facility.

  • Correct declaration, acceptance, and inspection of freight
  • Breakdown of shipments by country of origin
  • Checking freight and delivery documents
  • Dealing with unclear or uncleared deliveries
  • Separating deliveries in the restricted warehouse
  • Internal control system (ICS)

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