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Our unique practical transfer ensures that participants actively integrate what they have learned into their everyday work.

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Our online training unlocks previously untapped potential in your organization.

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We flexibly adapt our ready-to-use trainings to your design and requirements upon request.

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All trainings are based on our 3-step concept: input nugget, learning control and practical transfer

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“I was particularly impressed by the didactic approach: information is conveyed appealingly and practically, knowledge is directly tested, and the transfer analysis and the learning diary ensure sustainability. Added to this is the modern graphic design of the online training.”

Danny Gauch, Worlddidac 

Module overview

Different modules for your sales staff

Module 1

Address & greeting

Create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for customers.

  • The first impression counts
  • Greeting customers correctly
  • Small talk
  • The open-ended introductory question

Module 2

Needs assessment

Help your sales staff accurately identify what your customers want.

  • Asking open-ended questions
  • Justify questions
  • Listening and perceiving signals
  • The needs analysis

Module 3

Product presentation

Make sure your products are presented in the best possible way.

  • The 3-step method
  • Name and present the product
  • Appeal to all senses
  • Showing customer benefits
  • The open feedback question

“The content is well prepared and is conveyed in a varied and playful way through the gamification approach.
The interactive design and the integrated learning questions promote the sustainability of what is learned. This makes learning fun!”

Karin Schwarzenberger, Technotrans SE

Module 4

Additional sales

Fully exploit the potential of add-on sales – for increased turnover and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Why additional sales?
  • Step 1: Initiate additional sales
  • Step 2: Make a concrete additional offer
  • Step 3: Justify the benefits of the additional offer
  • Step 4: Closing an add-on sale

Module 5

Handling objections

Train your sales staff to handle complaints in a targeted manner.

  • Objections as an opportunity
  • Step 1: Acknowledge understanding
  • Step 2: Upgrading customers and showing understanding
  • Step 3: Debunking objections
  • The Positive Salto Method
  • The preframing method
  • The saloon door method
  • The isolation method

Module 6


Ensure that your customers are optimally supported to close the sale.

  • The “Yes-Street“
  • Support your customers
  • The last impression counts

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