Easy Competence Management

Simple skills management paired with a modern LMS

Build talent even better

Become part of the training revolution

Create competencies

Versatile, flexible and intuitive

Would you like to develop and manage your skills in a targeted manner? With hiveQ, you can do all of this directly on one platform. This allows you to easily manage and optimize all your employees’ skills and qualifications without any further administrative effort. Whether internal or external, hiveQ offers you the flexibility to create and maintain various skills profiles so that you always have an overview and can provide targeted support.

Linking competencies

More than just competence management

Benefit from the extensive functions of the Learning Management System and link your skills with courses or learning materials. Ideal for strategic personnel development or customer qualification. Not only promote potential but also record their skills.

Competence profiles

Strong profiles for a strong team

As a manager, you can easily keep track of existing employee skills and search for the right skills profiles for the next project with little effort.

Product expertise

Qualification for correct handling

Turn customers into brand ambassadors. Train customers and partners in the correct handling of your products to ensure not only safe handling but also sustainable competitiveness.


Yes, managers can assign competencies to employees in hiveQ and confirm them with the corresponding proof. This makes it easy to include existing skills.

Yes, you can nest different competencies. For example, a core competence can consist of various skills that are only awarded once the underlying competencies have been achieved.

Yes, you can specify that various training courses must be successfully completed in order to achieve the competence.

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