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Object Based Learning of Viessmann
Breathtaking learning media

From learning to experience

If you want to be remembered, you must evoke emotions and create unforgettable experiences.

From Big Pictures to videos and animations for Object-Based Learning to Virtual Reality – the experts at IM|S offer high-quality customized learning content that will inspire your customers and partners.

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Organize courses and user groups more efficiently than ever. Create unique learning worlds with your look and feel.
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Learning media

Let our experienced creative team create your customer and partner training. Look forward to 3D media, virtual reality, 360° applications, WBT, and more!



Whether consulting, coaching, enabling, learning media creation, or expert services, IM|S offers a wide range of customer and partner training support.

An excerpt from the Racing Game by Continental Automotive Aftermarkets GmbH
Serious Games

Playing your way to success

Create new incentives through playful elements in your training and increase your customers’ and partners’ motivation and learning success.

Let your user group actively participate in the event and thus ensure a particularly intensive learning experience.

From sales training to customer training to onboarding processes – you can use serious games for many different areas of application.

An extract of a Big Picture (Robert Bosch GmbH)
Big Picture

The big picture at a glance

Depict larger contexts pictorially and create a learning world where users can move freely.

Create your Big Picture in your design and strengthen the interaction of your user group with your brand.

An appealing design has been proven to promote learner motivation and strengthen learning success.

Build jumping-off points to further training into your Big Picture.

An extract of the blended learning offer from HUK-COBURG
Blended Learning

Many paths lead to the goal

Combining classroom & online training creates strong synergies. The advantages of both methods are retained, while the weaknesses are balanced.

Blended Learning offers unique didactic possibilities that are not possible in any other training approach. As a result, this form of learning can be successfully used for almost any field of application.

In face-to-face training, different learning levels & types usually cannot be served. Through the additional use of e-learning, a homogeneous learning level can be achieved.

Object-Based Learning for the training of installers (VIESSMANN GmbH & Co. KG)
Object Based Learning

Learning on the virtual model

Sometimes, it’s not possible to learn/practice on a model.

Object-based learning offers a great alternative.

The learner does not only look at the device but can disassemble it, zoom in, and get to know it interactively.

Even country borders and time zones are no longer an obstacle for the learner.

Let the boundaries between reality and virtual space merge, and offer your customers and partners a new learning experience!

Learning Card of Continental Aftermarkets
Learning Card

Learning according to the flash card principle

Therefore, this learning medium does not require any sound and is ideally suited for flexible learning on the go.

Learning Cards are structured like index cards and can be stored and viewed as often as needed. This simple location and time-independent repetition method offers your customers and partners easy access to the knowledge they need and a high degree of flexibility.

Since Learning Cards are a very simple format from a technical point of view, changes and updates can be implemented quickly & cost-effectively.

“We have known IM|S for many years as a competent, reliable, and flexible contractual partner who enriches our training offers with its creative proposals and individual training media.”

Sven Wilhelm, Personalentwicklung HUK-COBURG

Extract of a Straumann Group training course
Learning control

Keeping an eye on learning success

Help your user group to get an overview of their learning success.

Use query formats such as multiple choice or drag and drop to anchor knowledge in the long term.

Comply with your documentation obligations in a legally compliant manner and keep an eye on the learning progress of your user group.

Teaser of Straumann Group

A small clip - a significant effect

Whether it’s a new product, image, or news – make your target group curious to discover more.

The creative team of IM|S designs unique teasers for you, which arouse emotions and remain in the memory. Expressive imagery and stirring music effectively convey your message.

Example of a learning nugget unit
Learning nuggets

Something small for in-between

Learning in the hectic everyday life? That’s possible – with learning units in small bites.

Increase learning efficiency with short and easy-to-understand learning units.

Increase satisfaction and take some time pressure off your customers’ and partners’ shoulders.

Microlearning, as learning nuggets are also called, is comparatively cheap to produce and expand, giving you much flexibility.

Successful companies rely on IM|S

Click on the image to view the use case

Click on the image to view the use case

Click on the image to view the use case

Everything from one source

We are there when you need us

Do you have more than enough to do with your daily business, or do you need the required know-how? Do you need support in particular areas, or are you seeking an all-around carefree package?

No problem!

As a full-service agency, IM|S knows how to adapt to individual needs and provide support in all customer and partner training areas.

Our specialist teams combine knowledge and expertise from over 20 years in software, didactics, media, and project management.

Free eBook

Digital transformation in training - more than just a buzzword

In our free eBook, we answer many questions about digitalization in training.

Gain deeper insights into the topic and benefit from the knowledge of our experts.

Create impressive learning worlds and ensure legal security

With the leading Learning Management System hiveQ, you have all the tools to create a learning world for your customers and partners that will inspire them.

Relieve your customer support, collect essential data, and noticeably increase product acceptance.

Optimize your team’s productivity and ensure sustainable growth for your business.

Would you like to know how?

We will be happy to advise you personally and provide you with a selection of best practice examples.


The benefits for you as a company are extensive and diverse, from stronger customer loyalty to increased sales. Mobilize your previously untapped potential – with an LXP for your customers & partners.

Yes, hiveQ can be extended with over 40 user languages, allowing you to deploy your learning platform internationally.

Thanks to its CI-compliant design, the entire platform can be integrated into your brand identity, thus strengthening the learners’ bond with your company in the long term. Create your own innovative, digital learning world for your customers & partners in your look & feel.

hiveQ has a comprehensive function to create extensive statistics and fully automated reports. Keep track of the behavior and needs of your customers and partners.

Yes, the complete payment processing can be done via the platform by integrating payment providers.

No, transferring customer data into the system is possible in different ways: via a CSV import or an interface to the CRM system.

Training can be made visible to specific target groups. For example, training can only be visual on the platform for a specific customer. Other customers will not see this training when they are on the platform.

This is possible in principle but depends on the visibility settings in the training itself. These must be adjusted accordingly in the administration.

Yes, the display of the offered training on the website is possible via an interface connection.


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