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Product training that inspires

From customers and partners to brand ambassadors

You are fully convinced of your product; you have accompanied it, seen it grow, and know what added value it represents – but do your customers and partners know this, too?

Convey your enthusiasm through a customized training offer and turn your customers and partners into brand ambassadors!

With IM|S at your side, you create learning worlds to inspire your customers. And what could be more convincing than satisfied customers?

These companies rely on solutions from IM|S

market leading


Organize courses and user groups more efficiently than ever. Create unique learning worlds with your look and feel.
Take your K&P training to the next level with hiveQ.


Learning media

Let our experienced creative team create your customer and partner training. Look forward to 3D media, virtual reality, 360° applications, WBT, and more!



Whether consulting, coaching, enabling, learning media creation, or expert services, IM|S offers a wide range of customer and partner training support.

Customer and partner training

Ready-to-Use Packages

Are you looking for an all-inclusive package?

Do you need training for a product launch or onboarding? No problem!

We offer Ready-to-use packages for various customer and partner training areas, which have been created according to a proven didactic concept.

Lean back and relax. We have your back!

On the road to success with hiveQ

The LMS for your customer and partner training

Whether face-to-face, online, or blended learning – everything is possible with hiveQ.

The powerful combination of a learning management system and a learning experience platform supports all common learning media formats and innovative technologies, such as VR and AR.

With over 40 languages, tracking tools, an integrated e-commerce function, and many other features, hiveQ offers maximum flexibility.

Take your customer and partner training to the next level.

Market-leading training software

Create your learning world

Stand out from the crowd with quality, originality, and personality.

Create an appealing learning environment for your customers and partners in your look & feel.

Strengthen the interaction and identification with your brand and create trust in your company and your products.

The LMS hiveQ offers you a wide range of customization options.

Successful companies rely on IM|S

Click on the image to view the use case

Click on the image to view the use case

An extract from the Racing Game by Continental Automotive Aftermarkets GmbH
Product training with a difference

Success with gamification

Create new incentives through playful elements in your product training courses and increase your customers’ and partners’ motivation and learning success.

Offer challenges and quizzes in your training courses that test the learners’ knowledge and award prizes for exceptional achievements.

Badges in your corporate design, which can be shared via social media, additionally strengthen your brand in the long term.

Content Mix - learning media that inspire

Spice up your product training

Rigid, monotonous training courses were yesterday.

How about a little more pep?

Create a unique learning experience for your user groups, and increase motivation and learning success by using advanced technologies, learning nuggets, and gamification.

Do you need support with the creation? No problem!

The experienced media designers at IM|S will gladly assist you.

Analytics & Data

Valuable insights for your growth

With the analytics tool integrated into our learning software, you can keep an eye on the learning progress and the needs of your target group.

Gain valuable insights into the interests of your customers and partners and use this knowledge to optimize your upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Feedback and evaluations allow you to draw conclusions about the success of the training and adapt it to current needs and trends if necessary.

You are always up to date with a clear and intuitively usable dashboard from hiveQ.

A (learning) world without borders

Train around the globe

Do your target groups speak different languages or come from different cultural backgrounds with their habits and norms?

With the Learning Management Software hiveQ, localizing your training courses has never been easier. More than 40 user languages and further individualization options are available for this purpose.

Control centrally and train globally!

Everything from one source

We are there when you need us

Do you have more than enough to do with your daily business, or do you need the required know-how?

Do you need support in particular areas, or are you seeking an all-around carefree package?

No problem!

As a full-service agency, IM|S knows how to adapt to individual needs and provide support in all customer and partner training areas.

Our specialist teams combine knowledge and expertise from over 20 years in software, didactics, media, and project management.


“PRIMAVERA AKADEMIE’s requirements for a learning management system were pervasive, unusual, and very specific in detail. We were often told that a classic LMS did not include the functions we wanted while comparing various providers. It was, therefore, all the more pleasing for PRIMAVERA to have found a service provider in IM|S that could provide all the necessary functions. The close coordination, good availability, technical know-how, and high service character of IM|S contributed to a successful project implementation within the scope of our project planning. Many thanks for the trustful and reliable cooperation!”

Ina Hinsche, PRIMAVERA life GmbH

Case studies of PRIMAVERA ACADEMY and SKILL of the Straumann Group

Case studies

Take a look behind the scenes

Would you like to get a first feel for the implementation of product training in cooperation

with the IM|S team?

Then feel free to download our case studies on PRIMAVERA ACADEMY and SKILL from Straumann.

Free of charge & without obligation

Create impressive learning worlds and ensure legal security

With the leading Learning Management System hiveQ, you have all the tools to create a learning world for your customers and partners that will inspire them.

Relieve your customer support, collect essential data, and noticeably increase product acceptance.

Optimize your team’s productivity and ensure sustainable growth for your business.

Would you like to know how?

We will be happy to advise you personally and provide you with a selection of best practice examples.


The benefits for you as a company are extensive and diverse, from stronger customer loyalty to increased sales. Mobilize your previously untapped potential – with an LXP for your customers & partners.

Yes, hiveQ can be extended with over 40 user languages, allowing you to deploy your learning platform internationally.

Thanks to its CI-compliant design, the entire platform can be integrated into your brand identity, thus strengthening the learners’ bond with your company in the long term. Create your own innovative, digital learning world for your customers & partners in your look & feel.

hiveQ has a comprehensive function to create extensive statistics and fully automated reports. Keep track of the behavior and needs of your customers and partners.

Yes, the complete payment processing can be done via the platform by integrating payment providers.

No, transferring customer data into the system is possible in different ways: via a CSV import or an interface to the CRM system.

Training can be made visible to specific target groups. For example, training can only be visual on the platform for a specific customer. Other customers will not see this training when they are on the platform.

This is possible in principle but depends on the visibility settings in the training itself. These must be adjusted accordingly in the administration.

Yes, the display of the offered training on the website is possible via an interface connection.


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